'VAN LAACK' is the oldest German brand producing the deluxe clothing. The brand's style stands for the business custom, the essence of which is encompassed in the elegant shirts. In 1881 in Berlin Heinrich Van Laack together with his partners co-founded a mill on production of the men's shirts.

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Van Laack's manufacture became glorious all over Germany and gave a good account of itself. But the second world war had impeded the brand's further development, until the company was purchased by Heinrich Hoffmann in 1953. In the 70's the business again proved success, which consequently encouraged the launch of the line of women's blouses and shirts. In the 80's the brand's assortment was expanded with ties, belts, gowns and scarves (the line called 'VAN LAACK accessories'). The legendary shirts by 'VAN LAACK' are produced with the use of the italian fabrics only, the buttons are made of the rare nacre from madagascar and all of them are three-holed. Each centimeter of the shirt's seams consists of the 8 stitches made manually by the brand's high-skilled tailors. The collar is decorated with monogram of the shirt's owner. Nowadays 'VAN LAACK' has turned iconic, it is a fine specimen of the first-rate quality and the status indicator.

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