The heart of the italian fashion brand is a unique concept: fur as the real artworks. Designers always use the bright colors: turquoise, blue, purple, red, pink, that looks great on a snow background. Every year they create a lot of copyright colors (from 15 to 25) and often used an application technique. Along with the actual classic - luxurious coats, elongated lynx, fox or sable jackets; fur-lined parks, elegant tweed and astrakhan fur coats - in the collections there are a lot of daring, cutting-edge models.

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VIA CAPPELLA suggests wearing expensive furs in the new york fashion, in relaxed style with casual chic. Brand promises that the fur can be worn by all, focusing on customers with non-standard shapes and larger sizes. Among the admirers of the brand are Evelyn Khromtchenko, Elena Sotnikova, Natalia Goldenberg, Alexandra Vertinskaya, Julia Bordovskikh, Eugeniya Linovich (masterpeace), Ksenia Solovyova (tatler) and other russian celebrities.

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