VIC MATIE – If you follow changes in the shoe fashion which took place this decade, you may find them amusing. The quintessence of this evolution lies in such shoe brands as Vic Matie. The business and creative matters are handled by the father and his daugther, Renato and Silvia Curzi.

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This company manufactures shoes for women — boots, ankle boots, laufers etc. — with a little twist. Each model has something unique — contrasting platform, unusual zipper, interesting heel form, different texture on the same leather fragment. These shoes express «a little bit of boldness» — this way, Silvia combines elegancy with everyday life. In 2015, brand has celebrated its 10th anniversary. In such short time it had become iconic, formed its own distinguished style and gain followers all over the world. Silvia Curzi’s talent continues to grow, as she creates something new every season without repeating herself even once.
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