This Austrian brand needs no introductions while associates with quality, unique technologies and stylish design. The company gives women a new look for more than 60 years with their collections of stunning and comfortable tights and stockings. The brand made many discoveries: revolutionary seamless stockings, pluck-resisting tights, elastic band stockings that don't need suspender belts, bodysuits without side seams, a new type of fiber for ultra-thin elastic tights, anatomical compression stockings and many other inventions.

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Some WOLFORD designs were the first to use cosmetic effects – micro-capsules that made the skin soft and smooth. Thanks to these innovations the WOLFORD name became globally renowned. At the end of the nineties they release an underwear line, in 2007 – knitwear and cashmere and merino coats collections. The brand is also known for the collaboration with top-ranked designers and brands: Karl Lagerfeld, Vivienne Westwood, Thierry Mugler, Jean Paul Gaultier, Zac Posen, Lanvin, Pucci, Kenzo, Armani, Missoni and other individual collections makers. Designers in WOLFORD in they turn don't afraid to mix styles and details making accents on prints, texture and decorative elements of their designs. The WOLFORD tights and stockings easily center the whole look around them, they add piquantness and make legs and figure look slimmer and taller by accentuating good features while disguising the flaws. The WOLFORD brand is extremely popular all over the world, and there are probably no celebrities to be uninterested in the designs of this marvelous brand.

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