The Japanese brand Yohji Yamamoto became known in the mid-eighties, and in the nineties, it was among the most significant ones as it produced the modern «unisex» clothing. But at all times Yohji Yamamoto shows the union of Japanese principles and the Western shapes in his collections, creating styles outside of fashion and time, and his brand is considered «intellectual».

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The brand's clothing is often closed, easy fit, in oversize style. The all-time favorite color for Yamamoto is black. He is certainly one of the iconic designers who changed the whole fashion world once and for all. Y-3 is a brand that was created in the early zero in collaboration of Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas company which is completely sports-oriented. «Y» in the name of the brand stands for the name of the designer and number «3» stands for the three signature stripes of Adidas. The very first collection was welcomed with great enthusiasm: for the first time, high fashion met with sportswear, and everyone was happy with the result. Special characteristics of Yohji Yamamoto's style were reflected in Y-3 collections as well: there are present the same easy outlines, asymmetric cut, basic colors. As a whole, the style of the brand can be described as sports avant-garde, but at the same time there are elements of other styles: grunge, military, unisex. The Y-3 clothing looks quite severe, brief, but unusual, and it is an ideal fit not only for sports but also for the everyday life.

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