YESforLOV is an extremely sensual magnificent brand of niche perfume with fragrances of passion that awake rousing sexual desire. For Christian Palix, the brand's creator, erotica and elegance are inseparable. Palix chose to be the Cupid for fading feelings by including olfactory pleasure to a traditional intimate menu.

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«In conversations with my friends I often was shocked that most of them don't have the ideological component in their intimate relations», said Christian. «These conversations prompted me to create products that are able to help couples remove this routine from their sexual lives.» YESforLOV is literally the perfume line for love which simply kindles the flame of passion among the routine. Loving couples say that with YESforLOV their relationship reached dramatic heights. Apart from the breathtaking fragrances Rejouissance For Man and Fragrance Rejouissance the brand also introduces a stimulating massage candle made from natural oils. As Christian Palix says, «this secret weapon is a love game checkmate to your partner!».

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