ZADIG & VOLTAIRE – One of the most interesting modern French brands which will soon celebrate its 20th anniversary; representative of generation of brands that can be considered “creative geniuses”, since it has gained enormous following in such a short time. The first shop that was opened in Paris was a tremendous success.

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This brand, just like Zadig, the hero of Voltaire’s novel, launches itself into stylish adventures, as soon as there’s an opportunity. The tandem of Therry Gillier and Cecilia Bonstrom, Swedish ex-model and designer, has brought the soul of Rock ’n’ Roll into their collections, which is now considered the DNA of a brand. This is exactly what Therry Gillier considers «the embodiment of carefree chic, breath of fresh air and conceptual design of ready-to-wear». Only natural and the best materials are used: lambskin, cashmere with special weaving. Their know-hows are the unique yarn twisting and iconic «air» cashmere knitting, which gives it a feeling of weightlessness. Their jumpers, made that way, can be worn as t-shirts — their materials are that light and breathing. ZADIG & VOLTAIRE were the company that created iconic air-cashmere and leather rock ’n’ roll jackets that are must-have for any thought-out wardrobe.
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