Traditions, excellence and the love for Italy — all these are symbols of ZANELLATO. Franco Zanellato grew up in his father's workshop, which was known to the whole Italy for the quality of leather goods since 1976. When Franco inherited the family business, he decided to broaden the range of products and started to produce purses for women who lead active lives and had successful careers.

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Today the company offers various versions of the basic models: Postina, Nina, Duo, Violanda, Mariposa and tiny Piccolina. Only ten out of hundred pieces of leather are given the honor to become a Pelle ZANELLATO — this is a true guarantee of quality. The company uses only full grain leather which is considered the most expensive in the leather world. Its surface looks natural, which gives a special charm to the purses and means that the accessory will look only better year after year. ZANELLATO design is always fit, always appropriate, a bit ironical; it reflects the Italian easy way of life. All the works — leather coloring, cutting, sewing — are done only by hand. It is a great luck to come across this brand, as there are only three boutiques in the world.

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