ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA is the italian brand producing fabrics, clothing, shoes, underwear, accessories and fragrances for men. The brand was established in 1910. The brand’s credo: ‘The fashionable and innovative ideas for the strong and charismatic individuals’.

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In 1910, the italian designer ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA has organized and established a textile industry; the company “ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA” was producing menswear of a high quality with the use of beautiful fabrics. Ermenegildo’s sons – Angelo and Aldo Zelda have decided to dedicate themselves to the family business. The brand name was changed to «ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA and sons», so that the company was able to enter global market. In 1938, menswear and fabrics from Zegna have appeared in America. Europe and Italy considered Zegna as the best quality clothes. In the mid-60s, Zegna clothes have achieved incredible success. The first trading house of the Zegna brand opened in Paris in 1980. Nowadays, Zegna boutiques successfully operate in Moscow, New York, London, Berlin and Madrid. The feature that makes Zegna brand different from the others on the market – is the use of the top-class suiting materials. Zegna imports cashmere from Mongolia and merino wool – from Australia. These fabrics are of excellent quality and are popular in other well-known fashion houses. Among the most popular materials utilised for the Zegna clothes are angora, mohair and cashmere. Zegna suits are designed precisely to the shape. Accessories in the form of a tie, cufflinks or a butterfly, tie-pins complete the stylish look. The most popular Zegna branches are "Haute couture", "Sartori», «Z-zegna», «Zegna-sport". Elegant silhouette of ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA clothes is achieved by perfect lines of the cut, high quality of sewing and the creativity of designers.

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