"If you want to wear ZILLI clothes, you have to be not a poor person, for sure," – the ZILLI's president – Alan Shimel said about their products. In 1970, mr Shimel bought a simple atelier that belonged to the ZILLI tailor, and Alan retained the name for the first french brand of exclusive menswear. After forty years of the ZILLI brand existence, the boutiques are represented in more than thirty countries.

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The production of the brand clothes and accessories is based in france and italy. All the items are made of the rare materials of the highest quality: ostrich and crocodile leather, cashmere, guanaco, vigogne and silk, which are purchased from the best manufacturers. ZILLI has never been following and is not following the known trends now; ZILLI creates its own style. As an example, ZILLI was the first brand to offer man coats made of thin leather. It is known that John Lennon and Frank Sinatra were choosing ZILLI brand.

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