Christian Dior was born in a rich family, but after his mother's death, everything has changed – he was drawing sketches of dresses and hats in order to get some money. That was the first step in the career of the famous fashion designer. In 1946, the fashion house Dior opened its doors on the Montaigne Avenue. After Christian Dior’s death, his assistant – Yves Saint Laurent, takes control over the Dior House. After, the House was led by Mark Boan, Gianfranco Ferre and John Galliano; whereas John Galliano managed to change the image of bourgeois house of Dior, and at the same time maintain corporate identity. Christian Dior’s first collection has defined the main style of the fifties - new look; the style refers to the elegant silhouette of the "hourglass": small shoulders, high breasts, small waist and rounded hips. New look Dior dresses usually have a deep neckline and a full skirt. Sleeve length of 3/4 allows the use of an aristocratic accessory - gloves. Another outstanding creation of Dior is the legendary bag - Lady Dior. These bags are made of leather, are small and reflect discreet but, at the same time, chic design: quilted surface, chain or pen, metal key rings-letters that are making up the word Dior. Christian Dior was the first brand that was selling licenses for the production of the Dior goods. By the late 20th century, the brand was one of the most famous luxury brands.

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