Loro Piana

Among known international brands Italian fashion house Loro Piana has it's special place. Traditions of producing spectacular fabrics are underlined by more than a century of history of their creators - the Italian family Loro Piana which was producing wool since 19th century. In 1924 Pietro Loro Piana has founded a knitting factory and in 50 years his sons, Sergio and Pier-Luigi, became the head of the company. Nowadays Loro Piana brand is producing the apparel for men, women and kids, footwear, accessories and interior items. the most attention of the company has always been concentrated on the clothing - fabrics that are used for it can be always recognised and won't be mistaken for any other materials. Loro Piana is producing premium class fabrics from Australian and New Zeeland merino wool and also an amazing cashmere from China and Mongolia. From 1994 the brand has the exclusive rights to use the most expensive wool in the world - from peruvian vicuna. Loro Piana specialists are selecting the raw materials very carefully in order to give their customers the guaranties of the highest quality. Loro Piana collections are softly elegant and always perfect. The hobby of the Piana brothers are reflected in their designs. They are also producing clothing and accessories for the elite sports with plenty of functional details : it's double sided transformer clothes with removable elements. Loro Piana's clients are sometimes even called 'quality addicted'. Loro Piana is not only prestige, but a lifestyle which has reached the perfection.

Russia, Kazan city, Malaya Krasnaya st., 8a
tel: +7 (843) 237. 63. 00