In December 2012 VIP GROUP introduced a new project – a separate corner of Etro, the embodiment of style, exquisite design and quality. The brand’s items are distinct for a unique and refined style, which keeps on winning the hearts of more and more new fans. The garments by ‘Etro’ have a peculiar feature: despite their sophisticated prints, which are the hallmark constituent of the brand’s style, all the articles by the brand are easily compatible, merging into a solid fancy mosaic.

" In order to let the happiness into one's life you have to add a bit of colour " - this phrase became the main description of Etro brand. Etro is making a piece of art out of each item of clothing. It's one of the most elaborate and expensive Italian brands. The founder of Etro is Girolamo Etro who was an are expert. He started his business from a little fabric factory. The design was inspired by the traditional Indian scarf designs. Later on the 'paisley' ornament became Etro's trademark - it was applied not only on fabric but also on the suitcases and bags. In 1988 Etro house started producing menswear and womenswear and opened a flagship store in Milan, Paris and New York. Etro it's the elaborate ornaments, unusual colour schemes, but at the same time very traditional. Despite the amount of the decorations Etro clothing is very tasteful and cheerful. Etro style is for the free spirited, self-contained people who appreciate individuality. Etro as many different lines - womenswear, menswear, bags, suitcases, footwear, perfume, furniture and decor accessories.

Russia, Kazan, Malaya Krasnaya st., 7
tel: +7 (843) 237. 85. 60