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Fashion is art, art is creativity, and men are creators,» said couturier Jacques Fat in 1954. Changed for decades, was replaced by a century and fashion... fashion has not just remained an art — it has become the brightest material value and has shaped our culture as a whole. Balenciaga, Dior, Poiret, Yves Saint Laurent-contemporaries called them not only as artists. Modern designers, in fact, do not differ much from them-they create fashion from sketches, records, photos, fabric samples. We dedicate the new autumn issue of AVENUE VIP magazine to them, as well as the eternal theme — the connection between fashion and art.

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Meanwhile, our editorial team, having rested and full of ideas, turns into a real creative laboratory! We have changed the AVENUE VIP logo, studied many motives of inspiration-from black and white graffiti of the main trendsetter Virgil Ablo to urban projects of designers, whose fashionable calling always went in parallel with architecture. Taking a «Russian trace» in fashion, we found many steps of our countrymen, greatly advancing us forward: as you know, the slogan «Russian go» — the main at the last fashion weeks across Europe. We met another outstanding representative of contemporary art-fashion writer Alexander Tsypkin and publish not only interviews, but also with his kind permission a wonderful story «Window». Inspired by the best examples of Russian painting — saturation Serebryakova, flowers Kustodiev, realistic Repin, Chagall avant — garde, geometry Malevich and Rodchenko-and reflected it in the autumn bright photo shoots. And we again appreciated the depth and meaning of a completely unique creative process that combines theory and practice, virtual ideas and reality, craft and art — her Majesty fashion. And of course, we invite you to AVENUE VIP boutiques for new autumn collections — they are more intellectual, artistic and architectural than ever. We are impressed by these design creations once again realized that we do not work in the world of clothing manufacturers, but in the world of real geniuses — and nothing else!

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